Located in Boulder, Colorado, Cloud nine Float Center was founded in 2011 by Danny Clarke. Featuring specially designed tanks, the Float Center aims to provide clients with feelings of profound relaxation as patrons relax in the tranquility of an Epsom-based pool and enter into a state of near weightlessness. With added benefits including accelerated muscle recovery and stress relief, Cloud nine Float Center’s base was growing and a new web-presence was needed.

Looking to better present their business and update their legacy content management system, Cloud nine Float Center engaged ZeroSleep Designs for a comprehensive rebuild.

Entering into the Discovery phase of the ZeroSleep Designs process, our team assessed the project’s current situation, and worked with Cloud nine Float Center staff to define a set of objectives for the rebuild.

A major priority was defined as providing site visitors with a visually engaging presentation of the Float Center consistent with that of the physical experience. Focused on improving their web experience for current, and prospective members, functionality for scheduling appointments, and social media integration was also needed.

To better achieve Cloud nine’s goals, our team studied the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential Cloud nine competitors. The resulting research served to provide valuable insights into optimal site structure and placement of imagery. Our team utilized this data to deliver a responsive design and mobile friendly website focused on driving new membership and increasing conversion.

Striving to design interfaces that blend user experience with business strategy, our team also worked with Cloud nine staff to develop an engaging, objective driven landing page featuring a slideshow based tour of the Float Center. This feature promotes the Float Center facilities and motivates potential members to make an appointment.

As Cloud nine Float Center had an already established base and strong social media presence, emphasis was placed on retaining current readers, and the Float Center team knew they wanted to further enhance their reach with a blogging platform. WordPress was selected as the content management system and extends the Cloud nine network as well as integrates with previously established channels.

The site has recently been featured internationally, and Clarke credits ZeroSleep Designs for his site’s perfect design and improved usability.